7 Touches Strategy

A voter needs 7 touches from a candidate to earn their vote.

All new candidates should learn the 7-touches principle so they can better organize their campaign.

The 7-touches principle of marketing is that it takes at least 7-touches before a customer/voter will buy/vote for your product/candidate.

The human brain is bombarded daily with a variety of new information so it requires repetition before it starts remembering a brand name/candidate.

A “touch” is any form of contact with the voter such as mailings, yard signs, robocalls, TV commercials, palm cards, or doorhangers. A voter needs 7 of these contacts before the candidates name will be remembered.

Personal contact is the best way to earn a vote but with rare exception, it is just too difficult to meet most of your voters. Mailers are the next best contact because they can be mailed exactly to the voter’s home but they are very expensive; at least 50 cents each.

Robocalls are by far the least expensive voter contact. There are usually phone numbers available for about half a candidate’s district. For any candidate with a limited budget, robocalls should be aggressively used to help get a candidate up to 7-touches.

When robocalling tens of thousands of people, some will complain. Put them on your do-not-call list and continue making robocalls. You can be sure your opponents will.

This is the fundamental start of any campaign. For more detailed information, google 7-touches marketing.